When deciding what to do after high school so many students from all over the world every year decide to go to english universities. So, now the question is, what is so special about english universities? Their perfect organization and efficiency is mainly what lend them their International prestige.

And what’s their secret weapon? The secret, in my opinion, lies in the fact that, behind every english university there is a solid social structure which is based on a strict hierarchy. A university is like a big machinery composed by many different nuclei of people of which everyone has precise roles and tasks.

The role sets/determines/establishes the limits in which the pawns/puppets of this little theater can move without interfering with their colleagues and superiors. Respect towards other members and attention to superiors’ commands is crucial for the right functioning of every nucleus.

English universities, unlike other universities, cover the entire life of the student since they are meant for young people who just left their families and therefore need guidance in every situation. That’s why the social structure is developed not only through departmental branches but also trough extra curricular ones.

The social nucleus par excellence is the so called society, which is an aggregate of people with the same interest. It is led and organized by administrative members which compose the committee; the other members, that may or not pay the membership, are the ones who participate to the events, occasionally or not.

There are national societies, which recreate the homeland’s habits of uprooted students and at the same time spread their culture, as well as non national ones concerning different spheres such as Media, Music, Political, Debating & Campaigns, Special Interest, Games and Activities, Performance, Academic & Careers.

Every society covers a different field but has the same structure. To create a society you need at least three people: chair, secretary and treasurer. The chair is the first and ultimate supervisor as well as the decision maker, the secretary is in charge of the bureaucratic stuff and the treasurer of the economical ones.

In any society, everyone contributes to its operation, not only with his/her different role but also with his/her personal character. Encouraging/supporting the committee members’ inclinations, which is typical of the good leader, enriches and reinforces the community, making it more complete.

Working together for a common goal, which is like playing a team sport, strengthens the interpersonal relationships between players, both in the good and bad moments. Organizing an event is like an obstacle course in which the handover culminates with the event itself, whose success reflects the efficiency of the collaboration between the players. Teamwork is the key of success!



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